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Give Food?

The Pantry relies heavily on food (In-Kind) donations from the community.

Food comes to the Pantry through many sources.  Generous donations come from across the community—school, church and business food drives, manufacturers, stores, trucking companies, the state penitentiary, hunters, garden surpluses, farmer’s fields, local restaurants, the hospital and more.

   The Pantry’s partnership with the South Michigan Food Bank  in Battle Creek allows us to purchase fresh foods and staples at a greatly reduced price throughout the year. All food received is, in turn distributed to households.

Produce and packaged foods can be dropped off at the Pantry on   Mondays, 10-12, and Tuesdays, 8:30-2:00.


Each month we will be suggesting specific food items that are either out of stock, too expensive or most needed by our clients:
July 2022:  canned fruit (NOT applesauce); crackers
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